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Breaking Through the Noise: How Tuskmelon as a Digital Marketing Company Stands Out by Harnessing the Power of Data


While over 63% of businesses have increased their digital marketing budgets just this year, Tuskmelon, a Digital Marketing Company is acing the art of balancing data & creativity and staying ahead of the curve amidst competitors.

The increase in internet penetration has had a profound effect on Digital Marketing. With more people using the internet, digital marketers have access to a larger and more diverse audience. However, finding a Digital Marketing company that also remains committed to ethics, values, humanity, and a people-centric approach is quite difficult. When talking about a company that is driven by principles rather than just wanting to strike it rich, Tuskmelon, a digital marketing company, can’t go unaddressed.

Dating back to 2019, Tuskmelon boomed out of the Burning vision of Mr Shriram Swaminathan, who is the Founder, and Chief Executive Officer of the company. In order to take the vision to its highest rung, Balaji Perumal as the Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer; and Ashok Mohan as the Co-founder, and Chief Growth Officer also joined the visionary.

The association of these three dynamic people has definitely raised the bar for any start-up in the Digital Marketing industry. In collaboration with numerous BFSI firms, Real Estate companies, E-commerce, and B2B startups, Tuskmelon is making waves with a data-driven strategy and a people-centric outlook.

With the building of credibility and reputation, Tuskmelon has been bagging accolades one after the other. Right from Data-Driven Marketing, they are experts in Google Ads Management, Omnichannel Optimization, Personal Branding, Mobile App Development and much more.

Amidst making news in the Digital industry, Tuskmelon sets a great example of how a modest ambition and a clear vision can grow into something so significant. While being asked about the exponential growth of the company in no time, Shriram adds that ‘Persistence and Determination is always unbeatable’. He wholeheartedly believes that even an ordinary man with an extraordinary dream can make it happen when he chooses to show up every single day, no matter what.

He also adds that “ Having a dream is simply more than setting your goals and achieving them. Each and every one of us is in this place for a reason, and we all have a profound thirst for something better. When you decide to go behind that one thing in full swing, nothing can ever stop you from achieving it.”

While stating that nothing can stop one’s dream, he adds his opinion on the emergence of AI and its rapid influence in digital marketing. With the launch of popular AI platforms, it is understood that it has the potential to change almost every industry and its functionalities and digital marketing is not an exception. It is also widely believed that AI might impose a threat and make the role of every other Digital Marketer’s role questionable.

However, Tuskmelon as a team has a very different and progressive attitude towards this condition prevailing in the market. They consider AI as an enabler rather than a threat to digital and creative solutions. They also believe that AI is undoubtedly here to stay, but that also means that restrictions will need to be made in the way we use it. AI has the ability to significantly alter the functions of digital marketing, but this won’t happen until we begin to comprehend and

determine how we utilize these technologies, rather than letting them define how we operate.

Also as a company, Tuskmelon purely believes in ‘Growing for Good’, which is all about expanding the company while preserving the value system behind it. Also, they majorly aim at what they can give back to the community, clients and every other person working for the company. The ethos of the “Growing for Good” motto starts with a win-win attitude, where they believe collective good is the beginning of any company’s growth.

Also, they solely believe in the power of data behind any campaign or project execution. Digital Marketing is a field that highly revolves around a data-driven approach where 7 out of 10 companies, from Apple to Microsoft, from Facebook to Amazon, all rely on data to drive their key decision-making processes. In the same way, Tuskmelon stands out because they don’t just rely on creative tactics for their campaigns but also on the data and numbers behind them. After thorough protocols of the target market, they meticulously pick all of their creatives, strategies, blogs, and campaign ideas through a data-driven approach.

While talking about their future vision, they aim to be at the forefront of the digital marketing industry tapping into the opportunities through machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data analytics. They also aim at creating more personalized and engaging marketing campaigns for their clients.