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Saturday, July 13, 2024

BuddyX Launches Revolutionary Decentralised Trading Ecosystem for Forex and Crypto


BuddyX is thrilled to announce the launch of its Node Minting Program which will allow users to earn the native BDX Token as a reward for participation in the program.

BDX Token powers the BuddyX ecosystem and serves as the key utility token on the upcoming BuddyDex – the decentralised exchange of BuddyX.

BuddyDex aims to decentralise the ever-expanding Forex Market that boasts of a staggering trading volume of over $2.1 trillion worth of spot FX and $3.8 trillion of forex swaps daily.

BuddyX is a new blockchain start-up that is set to revolutionize the forex trading industry by instilling an on-chain liquidity protocol using blockchain and creating a trustless, non-custodial functionality using Web3.0

BuddyX is registered in Cyprus and has its operating office in Dubai. The start-up plans to launch its Web3.0 Multichain wallet with DeFi Protocol in Nov 2023, while the Mainnet application launch for the BuddyDex is slated for July 2024.

BuddyDex will redefine forex trading by providing a transparent and fair trading environment that will do away with the malpractices of shady brokers, namely, slippage, spoofing, false spikes, stop-loss hunting, front running, etc. The internet is full of instances where traders account got wrongly banned or they have gone through scrutiny while doing large withdrawals from their trading account. BuddyX addresses this issue by processing deposits as well as withdrawals in real-time, using the native cryptocurrency – BDX Token, to complete these functionalities.

As a user, you can earn BDX Token through participation in the BuddyX Node Minting Program, which helps to secure and maintain the BuddyX network. With BDX, you can access exclusive features on our platform, such as reduced trading fees and priority access to new listings.

Being an early investor in BuddyX comes with many benefits, including the potential for leveraged passive income through Staking and possible gains through enhanced market capitalisation of the token.

Join the BuddyX community today and be a part of the DeFi revolution that is changing the way we trade. You may become an early investor in the ecosystem by participating in the BuddyX Node Minting Program which is in its beta phase. Visit us at https://www.buddyx.world to learn more.