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Creating A Brand Experience: The Success Story Of Changi Airport


10/25/20222 min read

Creating A Brand Experience: The Success Story Of Changi Airport

In the world of airports, Singapore’s Changi Airport is a cut above the rest. It has been named the world’s best airport for eight consecutive years by Skytrax, a leading international air transport rating organization. This success is no coincidence, but the result of an intentional and well-planned brand experience strategy.

The Brand Experience Strategy

In 2014, Changi Airport set out to create a new brand experience strategy that would differentiate it from other airports and enhance its reputation as a world-class airport. The strategy had four key pillars: delighting customers, engaging employees, strengthening partnerships, and enhancing sustainability.

To achieve these objectives, the airport invested heavily in creating new and innovative experiences for passengers. These experiences were designed to be memorable, and enjoyable to reflect Singapore’s unique culture and values.

The brand experience strategy was developed by a team of experts from various fields, including marketing, design, and customer experience. The team conducted extensive research into passenger needs and desires and developed a range of new initiatives to meet these needs.

Delighting Customers

One of the main pillars of Changi Airport’s brand experience strategy is to delight customers. The airport has achieved this by creating a range of unique and memorable experiences for passengers.

One of the most popular experiences is the airport’s butterfly garden. This garden is home to over 1,000 butterflies from around the world and is a peaceful and serene oasis in the midst of a busy airport.

Another popular experience is the Kinetic Rain sculpture, which is the largest kinetic sculpture in the world. The sculpture features 1,216 bronze droplets that move in choreographed patterns, creating a mesmerizing and memorable display.

Engaging Employees

Changi Airport believes that engaged and motivated employees are crucial to creating a positive brand experience for passengers. To engage employees, the airport has developed a range of initiatives, including training programs, employee recognition schemes, and employee engagement surveys.

One of the most successful initiatives is the airport’s “Wow! Service” program. This program trains employees to provide exceptional customer service and to go above and beyond to meet passenger needs.

Strengthening Partnerships

Changi Airport believes that partnerships are crucial to creating a successful brand experience. To strengthen partnerships, the airport has developed a range of initiatives, including collaboration with airlines, retailers, and other airport partners.

One of the most successful partnerships is with Singapore Airlines. The two companies work closely together to provide a seamless and integrated travel experience for passengers.

Enhancing Sustainability

Changi Airport recognizes the importance of sustainability and has made significant investments in this area. The airport has implemented a range of initiatives to reduce its environmental impact, including the installation of solar panels, rainwater harvesting systems, and LED lighting.

The airport has also launched a range of sustainability-themed experiences for passengers, including a sustainability trail and a butterfly garden that educates visitors about the importance of biodiversity.

The Results

Changi Airport’s brand experience strategy has been a resounding success. The airport has won numerous awards and accolades for its customer service and innovative experiences.

In addition to its Skytrax awards, the airport has also been named the world’s best airport by Business Traveller Asia-Pacific for the past ten years. The airport has also been recognized for its sustainability efforts, winning the Green Mark Platinum award from the Building and Construction Authority of Singapore.

Changi Airport’s brand experience strategy has also had a significant impact on its business results. In 2019, the airport welcomed over 68 million passengers and generated over S$3.5 billion in revenue. If you’re interested in learning more about the world’s top brands and leaders, visit World Brand Affairs today. As a leading global brand and market research platform, we bring you powerful stories and insights that showcase the best in branding and leadership. Join our community of industry experts and stay ahead of the game with the latest trends and innovations in the world of branding. Click here to learn more.

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