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Dr. Basant Goel amalgamating philanthropy and healthcare


5/2/20232 min read

At the tender age of 8, Dr. Basant Goel, a triumphant entrepreneur, and philanthropist began his journey by sitting at his grandfather’s medical shop. While most children his age were engrossed in games or in spending time with friends, Dr. Goel was gaining knowledge about different medicines and their applications. His fascination with the field led him to pursue a career in pharmacy, and he went on to earn a B. Pharma degree and a doctorate in Pharmacy from an esteemed university on the American East Coast. Due to his extensive expertise, many people refer to him as the “King of Medicines.”

He perceives pharmacy not as a business but as a form of social service aimed at benefiting society. He offers free consultations to thousands of patients annually and provides free medication to those who cannot afford to pay for it. He also donates medicines to various hospitals. He assisted approximately 20,000 patients during the pandemic by providing free medicine, tests, food, and even coconut water. For his unwavering dedication to fighting COVID-19, he received recognition from the World Book of Records (London) and was awarded a certificate of appreciation. The infallible service of his pharmacy and its free consultation services sets it apart.

Dr. Basant Goel’s future mission encompasses a variety of social initiatives. He plans to offer food and water outside hospitals in Delhi and NCR for patients and their attendants at the nominal price of Rs. 10 per thali. He also aims to support underprivileged children in their higher education by providing them with scholarships or paying their fees. Additionally, he intends to organize blood camps, free eye check-ups, and health check-ups periodically to benefit the community. Being an animal lover at heart, Dr. Goel also wants to provide shelter and food for cows, street dogs, and cats. Moreover, he plans to offer free medicines to hospitals and help poor fathers and young brides with their Kanyadaan ceremonies by bearing all the wedding expenses. Ultimately, Dr. Goel is committed to exploring any other means of social work that can benefit the welfare of society.

Dr. Goel is known for his dedication to the neglected members of society. While he spends the biggest festivals of the year like Holi and Diwali with children suffering from leprosy, he didn’t shy away from taking the charge of cremating people with dignity during the dire times of COVID. Dr. Basant Goel has received several accolades for his outstanding work in the field of pharmacy. The Indian actress and Member of Parliament, Hema Malini, along with 20 cabinet ministers of the Government of India and 50 members of parliament from the BJP, awarded him the title of “Best Pharmacy in the World.” The Indian Pharmaceutical Association recognized him for his best practices in pharmacy management. He also holds records in the India book of records and Asia book of records for organizing the “Maximum People Donating Blood at a Single Camp In 16 Hours.”