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Goel Medicos Dominating Pharma With Rarest Medicines


5/5/20232 min read

Goel Medicos, led by Dr. Basant Goel, has become a renowned pharmacy not only in Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR) but also in India and globally. Dr. Basant Goel’s efforts have led to numerous organizations both in India and abroad recognizing his contributions and awarding him and his pharmacy, “M/s Goel Medicos,” for their outstanding services to customers and patients.

Top Notch Services

Owing to the hard work and dedication of Dr. Basant Goel and his team, Goel Medicos has achieved consistent growth year after year. One of the main reasons for the pharmacy’s popularity is its ability to provide medicines that are not available elsewhere. The pharmacy boasts a team of 70 staff members who are always dressed professionally and ready to serve patients. They offer a wide range of medicines, surgical items, injections, allopathic, homeopathic, and ayurvedic treatments, as well as cosmetic products.

Awards & Recognition

Goel Medicos, led by Dr. Basant Goel, has gained widespread recognition for its exceptional services in the pharmaceutical industry. The pharmacy has received several prestigious awards, including the “Best Pharmacy of the World” and “India’s No. 1 Pharmacy of the Year,” which is a testament to the quality of its products and services. These awards were given in recognition of Goel Medicos’ commitment to serving its customers with dedication and professionalism.

In addition to its exceptional services, Goel Medicos is part of a group of companies that includes ANT Pharmaceuticals Private Limited in Mumbai, as well as Sparshmart Pharmaceuticals Private Limited and Elastage Pharmaceuticals Private Limited, both based in Delhi. Together, these companies form a formidable force in the pharmaceutical industry, with a projected turnover of around 90 crores in the upcoming fiscal year.

With a team of more than 100 employees under the group, Goel Medicos caters to the needs of top officials and institutions in Delhi and the National Capital Region. The pharmacy is renowned for its ability to provide medicines that are not readily available elsewhere, and a wide range of other healthcare products.

Founder’s Vision

The founder of Goel Medicos, Dr. Basant Goel is a successful entrepreneur, pharmacist, and philanthropist who began his journey in the medical field at the tender age of eight. He perceives pharmacy as a form of social service aimed at benefiting society rather than a business. Dr. Goel’s infallible dedication to fighting COVID-19 earned him recognition from the World Book of Records (London) and a certificate of appreciation. He plans to continue his social initiatives by providing food and water outside hospitals in Delhi and NCR, supporting underprivileged children in their higher education, organizing blood camps, free eye check-ups, and health check-ups, providing shelter and food for cows, street dogs, and cats, and offering free medicines to hospitals and helping poor fathers and young brides with their Kanyadaan ceremonies.

Within a short period of time, Goel Medicos has become a household name and has made a significant impact in the pharma industry. Moreover, Dr. Goel’s philanthropic work has only added to the credibility of the company, making it one of the “Most Trusted Indian Companies in 2023”.