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How Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts Built A Brand On Goodwill


4/10/20233 min read

Since its inception in 1994, Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts has become one of the most thriving hospitality brands in Asia, earning a multitude of international awards and recognition from esteemed publications such as Condé Nast Traveler. It consistently earns the title of Best Spa Brand from various organizations worldwide, including the 11th DestinAsian Readers’ Choice Awards in 2016 (for the fourth consecutive year) and the 2016 Hurun Best of the Best Awards (for the tenth consecutive year). Banyan Tree is a prestigious and renowned chain of luxury hotels, resorts, and spas that aims to provide an intimate and unique experience by blending environmental consciousness with Asian traditions and heritage. As a result, it has become a leader in the hospitality industry.

Built On Two Simple Core Beliefs And Driven By Their Clear Messaging   

Ho Kwon Ping recognized the volatile nature of the hospitality industry and believed that a strong emphasis on branding would give Banyan Tree a sustainable competitive advantage. This was proven correct as the company successfully weathered various crises, such as the events of September 11, the Iraq War, and the 1997/98 financial crisis, which impacted the entire hospitality industry. Even during the 2003 SARS outbreak in Asia, the company maintained profitability with average occupancy rates of 65-67%.

Banyan Tree has centered its brand around two core beliefs: providing guests with a “romantic escape” and being an environmentally conscious and socially responsible organization. These fundamental principles have influenced all of the company’s branding initiatives.


Preserving And Promoting Local Traditions


At Banyan Tree, there is a strong belief in the significance of a destination’s local heritage. This is reflected in every resort’s Banyan Tree Gallery, which showcases and sells authentic indigenous artifacts and handicrafts in line with the company’s commitment to preserving Asian culture and heritage. By offering guests the opportunity to take home souvenirs that relate to the place where they have created cherished memories, Banyan Tree extends the brand experience beyond the duration of their stay. The company maintains a focus on ensuring that everything remains in line with the brand’s core themes of romance, intimacy, and rejuvenation. With over 80 retail galleries globally, Banyan Tree continues to uphold this commitment to promoting local culture and heritage.


Eco-friendly And Sustainable Operations Bringing Business 


Banyan Tree has always been recognized for its commitment to preserving the environment surrounding its resorts. The company’s efforts to nurture and protect the surroundings have been applauded by many environmentalists. Banyan Tree firmly believes that environmentally sustainable and socially responsible tourism is compatible with profit-making. To this end, the company has established the Green Imperative Fund mechanism and Banyan Tree Global Foundation, providing financial assistance for environment conservation and community projects.

The Green Imperative Fund is part of the Stay For Good program, which crowdsources micro-contributions from guests during their stay. Banyan Tree matches every dollar, and since the fund’s inception in 2001, it has raised over USD 7 million, disbursing more than USD 4.1 million to support social and environmental initiatives benefiting external parties.

In addition to these initiatives, Banyan Tree is involved in various projects, such as the Sea Turtle Protection program, and has constructed health clinics, schools, and temples for the communities in which its resorts are located.


The On-point Usage Of Public Relations

The industry was intrigued by Banyan Tree’s approach to utilize public relations as a significant strategy for brand building. The company invites respected travel and lifestyle magazine editors and writers to visit its resorts, ensuring that high-quality photo shoots are available for use in the media, depicting the resorts in line with the brand’s promise.

Since its inception, the primary channels for brand communications for Banyan Tree have been editorial coverage, word-of-mouth recommendations from customers, and co-branding initiatives with strategic partners. The media’s coverage has helped raise the Banyan Tree brand portfolio’s global recognition and credibility while enhancing the overall brand equity. This approach has also saved them a huge amount of Marketing and Advertising cost. 

With a strong sense of ethics, culture and goodwill in the market, Banyan Tree constructed an invincible brand. For more stories of extraordinary brand building, join World Brand Affairs. We bring you, the most innovative insights from the world of marketing, across the globe.