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How Reliance Jio Brought The Wave Of Digitization To India


In 2007, Mukesh Ambani founded Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, which currently boasts 413.01 million telecom subscribers in India. Jio’s sim card was made publicly available in September 2016 and during its initial launch, the company offered free data and calling from September to December. This caused a frenzy among consumers, resulting in many people having two sims in their smartphones and storing contacts under names such as Rahul Jio and Tina Jio.

Jio has played a significant role in the digital transformation of India. Its 4G services are widely available throughout the country, providing affordable internet access to millions of Indians, especially for education. Prior to Jio’s entry, other telecom operators charged exorbitant prices for internet services. In addition to selling sims and data plans, Jio has also introduced products such as Jio broadband, Jio wifi, and Jio T.V. Furthermore, the company has plans to introduce 5G and 6G technology in India and is also exploring satellite services to provide internet access to remote areas.

Jio’s Target Audience

Jio targets two kinds of audiences, “Cost-conscious” and “Network Conscious”.

Cost-conscious individuals are the ones who are seeking affordable internet data packages and are willing to switch to other networks if Jio does not provide them with competitive rates. It’s a market where the company with the lowest prices will likely get more sales.

On the other hand, “network-conscious” individuals prioritize a good network and high-speed internet. For instance, if someone experiences network issues in a village, they may switch to another provider. Additionally, if a person requires fast internet for gaming, they may choose Jio if it can provide them with high-speed internet. This is the second type of customer that Jio aims to target.

Marketing Strategy

Customer Support on Social Media

Jio employs a straightforward yet effective social media marketing approach, consisting of creating compelling content to draw in more viewers. They primarily use social media platforms for promotional purposes. However, one aspect that sets Jio apart is its exceptional customer support on social media. Their customer service representatives respond quickly to customers’ complaints and work to resolve their issues promptly. This is a valuable lesson to learn from Jio’s social media strategy.

Emotional ads urging transformation

Jio’s marketing success can be attributed to its use of short, emotional ads that appeal to its audience’s emotions. An example of this is their latest ad promoting Jio 5G, which highlights how it can revolutionize the automobile industry. Jio has produced several more ads that showcase how Jio 5G can benefit other industries as well. By using Jio’s marketing strategy, your own business can also reap similar benefits.

Informational content on Youtube 

Jio employs an effective marketing strategy on its YouTube channel, boasting a subscriber count of 3.14 million. They offer informative content that teaches viewers the fundamental principles of using the internet. By educating individuals on how to use the internet, Jio is able to increase the likelihood that viewers will choose their internet data plans over competitors.

Thoughtful Curation of Plans

Jio has developed its monthly and yearly plans to be highly marketable, catering to the needs and desires of its customers. In many instances, Jio provides complimentary memberships to popular streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, which aligns with their marketing strategy of partnering with other platforms to provide added value to their customers.

Popular Campaigns by Jio

Free Sim At Your Doorstep Campaign

Jio’s marketing strategy involves delivering SIM cards to customers’ homes for free, which was not a common practice among other brands prior to Jio’s entry into the market. Jio recognized that people prefer the convenience and having products and services delivered to their doorstep. By offering this service, Jio was able to attract a large number of customers at a low acquisition cost, with the potential for significant future value.

Cheer for India Campaign 

This was a successful marketing campaign run at the time of India vs Pakistan match. The campaign reached 90 lakh cricket fans. Jio spread this message through notifications and ads. As an Indian brand, Jio never misses the opportunity of marketing through events.

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