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How Tanishq Remains The Most Trusted Jewelry Brand In India


4/3/20233 min read

Tanishq is a popular Indian jewelry brand that was launched in 1995 and is a division of Titan Company Limited, a Tata Group-owned conglomerate. The brand is known for its high-quality Gold, Diamond, and Platinum jewelry, excellent craftsmanship, and innovative designs that cater to a wide range of customers. The brand has over 350+ stores across India and is widely recognized as one of the most trusted jewelry brands in the country. In addition to its physical stores, Tanishq also has an online store where customers can purchase jewelry from the comfort of their homes.

The Power Of Emotional Marketing

Tanishq aims to create meaningful and symbolic connections with its customers by owning precious moments in their lives through various campaigns and initiatives. According to Krishnaswamy, this is a crucial part of the brand’s marketing strategy. With campaigns like When it rings true, Pehla heera for daughter-in-law, Best at work, and campaigns celebrating Mother’s day and Rakshabandhan, Tanishq has always given us a unique story of compassion attached to its jewelry.

A 360-Degree Marketing Approach

Tanishq intends to continue its marketing efforts with a 360-degree approach, utilizing dynamic and flexible mediums with short-term planning during this period. The brand plans to drive relevant conversations across digital and traditional media platforms to reach its target audience. Tanishq has increased its digital spending as part of its marketing strategy, recognizing the importance of engaging with customers through this medium.

To enhance the digital customer experience, Tanishq offers features such as live chats, virtual try-on, and video calling. The brand has observed a significant increase in transactions across digital platforms, with customers completing the full purchase journey online. The brand has adapted to these changes and utilized omnichannel strategies to facilitate transactions, with plans to continue leveraging these channels in the future.

In addition to digital channels, Tanishq aims to utilize equity-building mediums to tell longer-format stories and connect with customers on platforms such as television.

Undeniable Presence on Social Media

The brand sees social media as one component of its overall media strategy, providing a platform for two-way communication with customers and an opportunity to showcase its values and perspectives. On its social media channels, the brand highlights the importance of celebrating women and their choices, and their role in their journey to change paradigms in the world. Tanishq strongly endorses these values and aims to communicate them through its social media presence.

Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are the social media platforms with the most significant consumer presence and engagement for Tanishq. The brand has garnered over 1.4 lakh followers on Facebook, 719k+ followers on Instagram, 99.8k+ subscribers on YouTube, and 40k+ followers on Twitter.

Storytelling as a Tool for Content Strategy

Tanishq’s content strategy is closely aligned with the brand’s marketing strategy, focusing on bringing the meaning of each piece of jewelry to life for women and engaging with customers. The brand aims to ensure that every campaign aligns with its overall goals and strategy. Tanishq’s content is not primarily focused on topical events. However, the brand does participate in moments that are relevant to them, such as Mother’s Day and Women’s Day.

Tanishq’s content marketing strategy is designed to connect with consumers, and the brand seeks to work with individuals who align with its values and ethos. The brand has collaborated with websites like Humans of Bombay in the past to bring out personal stories that connect with its audiences. The brand has also previously partnered with celebrities like Deepika and Nayantara, who embody the brand’s vision of traditional roots and contemporary outlook.

This is how Tanishq used emotional storytelling in branding to become the most trusted and authentic jewelry brand in India. Discover more of such stories behind the world’s most iconic brands and personalities! Explore World Brand Affairs today.