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Innomatics Research labs – Most trusted Edtech in Data science training


While there is lot of buzz going on about Edtechs and their founding, Hyderabad based Edtech Innomatics Research labs is expanding its wings with an Impactful, outcome driven training in the trending technologies such as Data science, Artificial Intelligence, Fullstack development and Digital marketing.

Innomatics research labs was founded in 2019 by two IT industry veterans who had a 30+ years of combined Industry experience working at different roles in Capgemini and other fintech biggies.

Innomatics research labs boasts of training more than 10,000 people in last 4 years and engaging more than 500 industry experts across india in to the cutting edge technologies.

As we speak today, we have delivered more than 230 coherts in Data science and artificial intelligence alone and more than 300 coherts in all technolgoies together.

Today, Innomatics research labs is a synonym for intensive training in data science and artificial intelligence. The people across india come to our centers in Hyderabad. We are seeing a huge demand from applicants across India and at times we are struggling to accommodate the influx of so many people- told the CEo of innomatics Kalpana reddy.

We have a huge demand coming from different parts of India. Apart from telugu states, There are lot of people coming from Karnataka, tamilnadu and Maharashtra. We have many Data science aspirants from north eastern states as well as some NRIs who wanted to learn the technology indepth so that they can easily get a job. Our approach of making these people work on different projects instead of just teaching them but also helping them to stay ahead of competition. Daily we receive so many requests from people asking if we are expanding in other states as everybody cannot afford to relocate. So, we are in discussions with some of the venture capital firms to see if we can expand our presence in India. They added that they are looking forward to expand throughout india in the next 3 years by establishing atleast 10 centres.

Innomatics Research labs adopts a unique blended methodology where people can learn from class room as well Online live trainings. Quality training with affordability is a rare combination because of which we have a huge demand – Quoted the founder VIshwanath Nyathani.

While most of the Edtechs focus on quality content creation, we focus on making the trainees industry ready. Quality content is definitely a great asset for an Edtech. However, our main focus remains on inducting more practical knowledge to the people so that it is easy for them to get a job. My day in day out job is to ensure that the trainees work on enough projects so that they can show case their skills to their prospective employer. – Mentioned Kanav Bansal who is the chief technology officer of Innomatics Research Labs.

We have engaged more than 500 industry experts from all over India to deliver the content and were able to deliver more than 300 coherts in different technologies like Data science, Artificial intelligence, Full stack development, Digital marketing and other cutting edge technologies. Identifying the quality training providers or faculty who can help people mentoring and help them work on projects. So, we have a dedicated team of experts who are always hunting for the best talent to be on boarded who can create or contribute to an impactful learning. That’s what making us to stay ahead of every other Edtech – Quoted by Raguram Adhuri who has been instrumental in building the company since the inception.

There are 500+ clients coming to hire from us and at times we are finding it difficult to cater to so many jobs. So, we are now offering a free internship program where we are offering intensive training to the associates who were trained by different edtechs also so that we can cater to our client demands. Most of the people who join our internship would have already learned the technology but have a significant gaps in their knowledge. We help such people so that they can be deployed in different companies. It doesn’t matter which Edtech people are Enrolled in to. What matters is to make these people industry ready and help them get a job. It solves the employment problem – told the founder.

Innomatics Research Labs has been already recognized by multiple credible organizations. They were awarded as the best data science and digital marketing Edtech by the Times of India for two years in a row.

They were also recognized and awarded by Radio city as Hyderabad city icon award for the year 2022-23 and appeared in multiple national newspapers for their contribution in solving the unemployment problem. They have also been partnered with IBM and NASSCOM kind of credible organizations to impart an impactful training.