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The incredible journey of a WordPress plugin creator WP Event Manager


5/6/20233 min read

From a small outsourcing company to an award winning WordPress event management plugin creator, the journey of WP Event Manager is no less than extraordinary. It is worth mentioning here that WP Event Manager has received the prestigious Monster awards 2022 for being the second best WordPress booking plugin. Established in the year 2017, the company is the brainchild of Mr. Ashok Dudhat. He took his first step toward his dream in 2010 after establishing GAM Software Solutions and began taking small projects to gain knowledge and expertise in this field.

After gaining success in developing a WordPress theme, GAM Software Solutions started heading toward developing WordPress plugins. Later in 2017 GAM Software Solutions was rebranded as WP Event Manager. The official website for WP Event Manager was also launched in the same year. Within a very short period of time it gained immense popularity and today it has more than 420k active downloads.

Company Products

WP Event Manager is known for its high quality event management plugins that have been reviewed and appreciated by real users from all over the world. The plugin is enriched with exceptional features that redefine the concept of event management.

The core plugin is absolutely free for users and it helps them create a basic event management website. In addition to that, it has almost 35+ premium addons that are highly efficient and they are designed to simplify the process of event management. Starting from creating a full fledged WordPress event management website to handling registration, ticket selling and event promotion, WP Event Manager extensions cover all these services. You name it, they have it. All the plugins are regularly updated to fix bugs and maintain high standards.

The best part about these extensions is that they are affordable and within the reach of businesses of all sizes. Buyers can purchase these addons individually as well as in bundles. All of these addons are divided into four bundles based on the purposes they serve. The main objective behind creating these bundles is to make them available to everyone, especially those who aim to buy multiple plugins from us.

Besides the plugins, the support team behind WP Event Manager is something that makes it superior to its competitors. They are sincere, attentive and always ready to help people who have queries regarding the plugins or having some issues related to them.

WP Event Manager has taken its first step into the world of food business with WP Food Manager. It is a WordPress plugin that can be termed as a complete solution for online food businesses. It makes it easy for restaurant or cafe business owners to take their business online, helps them improve site SEO and manage online food orders efficiently and maximize sales.

Company culture

WP Event Manager has both remote and in-office employees who work day and night to help the company achieve new heights of success. Each and every member of the company is valued and their opinion matters. They follow a no- boss policy there which means they work as a team.

The relationship between the company and its employees is not limited to work. From birthdays to festivals they never miss an occasion to celebrate together. The main office is situated in Surat, India but their employees are scattered all over the world. That is why every year they arrange an annual meet in Surat when all the employees are invited to be a part of the celebration. This bridges the gap between all the employees and strengthens the bond that they share with each other.

Future plans

WP Event Manager aims to make its plugins better and more convenient for its users maintaining high technological standards. They have recently introduced a new wing of WP Event Manager named WP Food manager with an objective to enter into the food business. The core plugin is ready and its extensions will be launched soon.

They hope to gain the same amount of love and support from its users that they received from the users of WP Event Manager. WP Food Manager is a WordPress restaurant menu plugin that is designed to help restaurant owners display their restaurant menu and take and manage online food orders easily.

WP Event Manager Is Looking For Fresh Talents

WP Event Manager is growing by leaps and bounds and they are looking for talents who can be a part of their team. They have multiple positions open in their company including WordPress developers, BDE and more. If you know someone who could be the perfect new addition to the company or you wish to join them, feel free to contact at

They offer the following employee benefits

  • Friendly work environment

  • Helpful seniors

  • 5 working days

  • Competitive salary

  • Sufficient holidays

  • Referral bonus

  • Maternity leave and bonus for adoption

Be a part of WP Event Manager to learn new things and experience career growth.