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The Power Of Local Influencers: How Old Chang Kee Boosted Sales With Social Media Marketing



Old Chang Kee, a Singapore-based food and beverage company, is well-known for its iconic curry puffs, fried snacks, and other local delicacies. Despite being a household name, the brand wanted to enhance its presence on social media platforms and increase its sales through influencer marketing.


Old Chang Kee was established in 1956 as a small stall in a coffee shop, selling curry puffs and other traditional snacks. Over the years, the brand has expanded and become a staple in the local food scene in Singapore. However, as the competition grew, Old Chang Kee realized the need to leverage social media marketing to enhance its brand visibility and drive sales.


The primary objective of Old Chang Kee’s social media marketing campaign was to leverage the power of local influencers to increase sales and build brand awareness. The brand aimed to reach a wider audience and engage with its existing customers through social media platforms.


Old Chang Kee partnered with local influencers who had a substantial following on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. The influencers included food bloggers, lifestyle influencers, and local celebrities who resonated with the brand’s target audience.

The influencers were given free rein to create content around Old Chang Kee’s products, including the iconic curry puffs, fishballs, and other fried snacks. The influencers were encouraged to share their personal experiences with the products and create engaging content that would attract their followers to try the brand’s products.

To further enhance the campaign’s reach, Old Chang Kee collaborated with influencers across various niches, including fitness, beauty, and travel. The influencers were provided with exclusive deals and discounts for their followers, further incentivizing their audience to try the brand’s products.


Old Chang Kee executed the social media marketing campaign by partnering with 15 local influencers across different niches. The influencers were provided with free samples of Old Chang Kee’s products to create content around.

The content created by the influencers included blog posts, Instagram stories, and YouTube videos showcasing their personal experiences with Old Chang Kee’s products. The influencers also organized giveaways for their followers, further increasing the brand’s reach and engagement on social media platforms.

Old Chang Kee monitored the campaign’s progress closely, measuring the engagement rates, reach, and sales generated from the campaign. The brand also engaged with its customers on social media platforms, responding to queries and comments and building a loyal community around the brand.


Old Chang Kee’s social media marketing campaign with local influencers was a massive success, generating a substantial increase in sales and brand visibility. The brand witnessed a 25% increase in sales during the campaign period, with the highest sales being recorded during the influencer-led giveaways.

The campaign also led to a 30% increase in social media engagement, with the brand’s social media following increasing by 10% during the campaign period. The brand’s collaboration with local influencers also helped it reach a wider audience, with the campaign generating over 2 million impressions across various social media platforms.


Old Chang Kee’s social media marketing campaign with local influencers was a testament to the power of influencer marketing in driving sales and building brand awareness. By partnering with local influencers across different niches, the brand was able to reach a wider audience and generate a substantial increase in sales.

The campaign’s success can be attributed to the brand’s ability to identify the right influencers who resonated with its target audience and create engaging content that showcased the brand’s products. Old Chang Kee’s engagement with its customers on social media platforms also helped build a loyal community around the brand.

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