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VCare: Providing Advanced Solutions For Hair & Skin Disorders Since 2004


VCare Hair and Skin Clinics, the leading clinic in South India, started operations in the “Beauty and cosmetics” field in 2004. They have evolved and earned the trust of their clients over the years by providing top-notch hair and skin treatments using cutting-edge FDA-Approved technologies to bring out exceptional results.

VCare Hair and Skin Clinics have got the best solution for hair concerns such as dandruff, grey hair, hair fall, and more. When it comes to treatments, VCare Clinics offer a multitude of advanced treatments, such as Biocell Therapy, Activated Follicular Hair Transplant (AFT), Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment, PBS Hair Growth Therapy and more.

Regarding skincare treatments, VCare offers Ultra Whitening Therapy, Melano Break, Carbon laser peel, Laser hair removal and many more depending on the skin concern.

They also offer a holistic approach ranging from diagnosis and treatment for all issues, including pimples/acne & acne scars, to anti-ageing treatments with the help of cutting-edge, FDA-Approved technologies.

Vcare group crossed the historic “100 crores” turnover mark in the year 2015.

Over 1.5 million cases have reportedly been successfully treated at the VCare facility. They have achieved excellent outcomes for various skin and hair concerns with a team of over 100+ experienced doctors, trichologists, and cosmetologists and a service team with more than 1200 hair and skin professionals.

At present, they have made quite a breakthrough with more than 50+ clinics in many prominent locations across South India, like Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Andra Pradesh, Pondicherry, and Telangana.

Behind the success of VCare and its breakthrough is Mrs Carolin Praba Reddy, a woman with a vision who made this happen. It was her vision and passion for Trichology that made her succeed.

Mrs Praba Reddy is the first certified Trichologist in South India. In 1991, she began her career as a teacher and worked for 7 years before starting VCare.

Later, her passion for Trichology made her do a certification in Trichology from the International Association of Trichologists, Australia. Along with that, she was certified as the 6th Trichologist in India at the same time.

Mrs Praba Reddy won the Women Entrepreneur Achievers Award. Along with these achievements, she co-authored two international presentations on “Asian Hair Disorders” & “Hyperpigmentation” and presented them at the 11th Asian Societies of Cosmetic Scientists Conference in Bali, Indonesia.

Her constant aim to grow and develop VCare is why she pays more attention to research & development and the implementation of quality treatments.

Mrs Praba Reddy is currently leading VCare as the Chairperson and MD of the company.

VCare’s Trademark Treatments

In addition to offering advanced treatments, VCare has got a few trademark treatments of its own. Some of those treatments are as follows.

● Activated Follicular Transplant (AFT)

Activated Follicular Transplant (AFT) is a unique patented trademark hair transplantation procedure offered at VCare. It ensures to reverse of baldness and gives people with baldness new hope.

The advanced implantation procedure allows for regaining more voluminous and natural hair growth. This modernised hair transplantation procedure can offer a permanent solution for different kinds of baldness. Some of those would be treating male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness.

The transplant procedure is safe and is known to have brought guaranteed and proven results.

● PBS Hair Growth Therapy

Photobiostimulation (PBS) Hair Growth Therapy is completely unique and another trademark treatment of VCare. This treatment is the first to use nano actives to stimulate hair follicles and promote hair growth.

In addition, they use a distinctive method called the Green Technique, an environmentally friendly technology for forming nano actives used in their hair growth treatment. These allow the biotechnological ingredients to penetrate deeper into the scalp and are known to bring tremendous and effective results for their clients.

PBS Hair Growth Therapy, a non-invasive procedure, can be taken up by anyone suffering from dandruff, hair loss, hair thinning, and hair fall.

● Biocell Therapy

Another best trademark treatment of VCare is their Biocell Therapy is one of the best hair regrowth treatments that ensure natural hair growth. Using Argan plant stem cells in nano-encapsulated form, growth factors, biomimetic peptides, and cosmeceuticals ingredients, Biocell is known to penetrate deeper into the scalp’s subcellular level and strengthen the hair roots.

VCare’s Journey Continues

Along with offering advanced and efficient treatments, VCare Clinics also provide their clients with the required nutritional supplements and homecare products, in particular, treatments for quick and natural results.

Today they are quite versatile as they have been involved in various activities like Hair Care Treatments, Advanced Hair Transplantation, Skincare treatments, Health & Wellness Education, Research & Development, Advanced Diagnostics, Manufacturing, Distribution, Retailing, Telemarketing, etc. Each of its ventures they began is successful since it focuses on and considers the requirements and demands of the public.

A prominent and homegrown Indian brand, VCare has brought international facilities for its clients in the skin and hair care department.

VCare can be a great option to treat your hair and skin concerns. So stop stressing about your hair & skin problems and get in touch with VCare today.