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What Keeps “Love, Bonito” At The Center Of Fashion In Singapore


5/20/20234 min read

Love, Bonito is a well-known fashion brand that has gained popularity and recognition for its stylish and inclusive designs. Founded in 2010 by Viola Tan, Rachel Lim, and Velda Tan, Love, Bonito started as a humble blog shop based in Singapore. Over the years, it has transformed into a highly successful and influential fashion label with a strong online presence and a loyal customer base.

What sets Love, Bonito apart from other fashion brands is its commitment to empowering women through fashion. The brand aims to inspire and uplift women by offering clothing that not only looks good but also makes them feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. Love, Bonito embraces the diversity of women’s body types, providing a wide range of sizes and inclusive designs that cater to different preferences and styles.

Not Quantity But Quality Of Social Media Marketing

There is a common misconception that businesses must maintain an active presence on all major social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. However, what truly matters is being present on a social media platform that aligns with your target audience. It is pointless to allocate a significant marketing budget to a platform that will not yield a positive return on investment.

Love, Bonito has conducted extensive testing across various platforms over the years. They have found that Instagram is the primary social media platform where their potential customers are most active. Love, Bonito’s Instagram page boasts over 486K followers and serves as the most engaging social media platform for the company, as of now. It has a strong presence on Facebook as well.

On the other hand, Love, Bonito’s experience with Twitter did not yield long-term success. They gave it a try initially but eventually halted their campaign towards the end of 2014. This once again emphasizes the significance of experimenting and evaluating key indicators across different social media platforms.

Taking The Brand Forward With Community Building

While self-promotion is essential, the company acknowledges the influence and impact of brand advocacy by others. As a result, Love, Bonito has developed a brilliant strategy focused on fostering a sense of community among its customers. This gave rise to the #LBcommunity movement, where Love, Bonito encourages its customers to share their favorite photos of themselves wearing the brand’s apparel on social media, utilizing specific hashtags.

To further support this movement, Love, Bonito has established an official Instagram account, @wearlovebonito, dedicated to showcasing the #LBcommunity. This special Instagram page features snapshots of customers confidently sporting Love, Bonito’s outfits and looking their absolute best in them. Love, Bonito takes their dedication a step further by providing mobile-editing tutorials to assist their shoppers in creating better Instagram-worthy photos. This demonstrates the company’s investment in empowering its customers to produce high-quality content.

When you witness your female acquaintances on Instagram enthusiastically sharing and hashtagging Love, Bonito while flaunting their new dresses, it becomes evident that Love, Bonito’s encouragement of user-generated content has yielded successful results.

Impeccable Use Of Video Marketing

Video is a potent marketing tool and Love, Bonito effectively incorporates it into their social media strategy. Rather than solely focusing on direct product marketing, Love, Bonito creates inspirational videos that deeply resonate with its target audience, primarily women.

A glimpse at Love, Bonito’s YouTube page unveils a wide array of captivating and purposeful videos, each serving a distinct purpose. For instance, the video titled ‘I am, she is, we are’ beautifully showcases the interconnectedness among women through empowering music and authentic interactions.

Recognizing the importance of entertainment in effective marketing, Love, Bonito has also ventured into collaborative videos. One notable collaboration is with Universal Studio Singapore during Halloween night, which has become one of the most viewed videos in Love, Bonito’s collection.

Consistency Being The Key

Maintaining a consistent publishing schedule is a fundamental principle of social media marketing. Sending mixed signals to your audience about your commitment by posting daily for one week and then going silent for the next is not ideal.

The frequency of posts is less important than the ability to adhere to a schedule. This is an area where Love, Bonito has excelled brilliantly. Love, Bonito demonstrates a commendable level of consistency in its Instagram publishing schedule, typically sharing an average of one post per day. On Facebook, the brand adopts a slightly different approach, opting for less frequent publishing compared to Instagram. However, when Love, Bonito does post on Facebook, it often exceeds one post per day.

Expanding Horizons Through Collaborations

Collaborations offer a mutually beneficial opportunity for all parties involved in social media. Love, Bonito leverages such collaborations to direct its audience towards other businesses, thereby gaining exposure to new visitors from the collaborating partner’s audience. Over the years, Love, Bonito has engaged in numerous collaborations with other brands, and they actively promote these partnerships on social media without hesitation.

As an illustration, members of the #LBCommunity were able to enjoy a discount of RM25 off at SaSa Malaysia, a prominent cosmetic retailer in the neighboring country. Another noteworthy cross-promotion involved Love, Bonito partnering with Barbie, a renowned global brand recognized for its fashionable toy dolls. This strategic collaboration serves as a brilliant move to enhance Love, Bonito’s visibility by aligning with a well-established brand that has stood the test of time.

Love, Bonito’s success has extended beyond Singapore, and the brand has expanded to reach a global audience. They have opened physical stores in several countries and continue to strengthen their online presence, making their products accessible to women all over the world. Love, Bonito’s growth, and influence serve as an inspiration to many aspiring entrepreneurs and fashion enthusiasts.

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